You don't need a studio to create gorgeous light

Small room? No problem. Low ceilings? Not to worry. Dark as hell? Bring it. Turquoise room? I love that color!

Don't let your fear of flash get in the way of taking full control of any bad lighting scenario with confidence and ease. You can take back control today (all for as little as $300 in extra equipment)!

With over 20 years of experience using strobe and flash, I have your back! As an in-home film photographer, I have struggled with the fear of shooting on a dark day, the fear of getting blurry images, and the fear of having to reschedule AGAIN.


You already know, but.....

  • You think flash looks FLASHY & fake
  • You're worried lighting equipment is too expensive
  • You fear that flash is super intimidating and scary
  • You're convinced that flash is really distracting will ruin your session
  • Extra equipment is too heavy and cumbersome

How one simple flash changed my business

Several years ago I felt stuck. I was paying for studio space that I only used when it was raining and I couldn't shoot outside. I loved that I could use my big 7' or 5' softbox with strobe and create beautiful light and images for my clients, but studio work didn't inspire me.

So I ditched the studio and started experimenting with shooting in-home lifestyle work with strobe and flash in families' homes. I LOVED the look and feel of it but lugging heavy equipment around was not going to work long-term.

I experimented some more had a lightbulb moment. I found another way to get gorgeous, consistent light with film (or digital) cheaply and easily - with FLASH!

My proven system is simple, quick, and only requires 3 extra pieces of equipment for under $300!

Now's your chance to join tons of other photographers in having your own lightbulb moment!


  • Praying your images will "turn out"
  • Holding your breath because you're shooting at 1/30
  • Shooting the whole session next to the best window light
  • Cranking up your ISO or pushing your film
  • Getting motion blur with fast kids
  • Rescheduling your shoot because it's too dark



Flash and strobes don't have to look flashy or fake. Learn how to mix natural light with artificial light for the best results!


No matter what time of day or where you are, be confident knowing you can create a beautifully exposed photo every. single. time.


Don't be confined next to a window for the entire shoot. If you happen to find the cutest closet in the world, know the power is in your hands!


Create your own natural-looking light using flash or strobe in the smallest of spaces and get beautiful results!


Used to worry about tungsten lighting or color casts from walls? Flash or strobe can handle it.


Use one simple flash kit for under $300 and shoot anywhere you want! What are you waiting for?


  • You want the flexibility to be able to shoot indoors anytime, anywhere
  • You want to create consistent-looking images in any lifestyle situation
  • You want to take control and create the light you want to fit your brand
  • You want confidence in knowing you can handle any bad lighting situation
  • You want to take your photography to the next level

Alice Claire Photography says:

The Lighting for Lifestyle course took my business to the next level.

Now I walk into a client’s home with confidence, knowing that I can create the kind of natural-looking light that is consistent with my brand.

Kim makes off-camera lighting easy to understand by breaking down the process into easy steps and using minimal equipment.

Before taking the course, I thought I would have to lug heavy lighting equipment to my clients’ homes, but Kim showed me how to create beautiful, natural-looking light with just one or two flashes.

If you offer in-home sessions, I highly recommend this course!


  Welcome to Lighting for Lifestyle!
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  Module 1: Let's Talk about Artificial Light
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  Module 2: Equipment List and Set-Up
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  Module 3: Artificial Light Placement & Troubleshooting
Available in days
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  Module 4: The Understanding the Basics of Exposure with Flash
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  Module 5: Putting it All Together - Let's Shoot!
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  Module 6: Homework, Troubleshooting, & Resources
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  Module 7: Bonus Materials & Time to Practice!
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  Module 8: Let's Celebrate!
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And Much More!

(8 Modules with homework, 12 supplemental materials, 12 BTS videos, 6 bonuses)

Leanne Haskins Photography says:

Kim’s course Lighting for Lifestyle truly changed my life. I’m a family photographer with a focus on maternity and newborns, so I am in my clients’ homes all the time. I also shoot film which requires a lot of light.

Prior to the course I would worry before in-home sessions about all the things. How much natural light would there be in the rooms I wanted to shoot in? Would I have to place my subjects near, and practically in, a window for the “best” light? What if it’s raining or even just overcast? The rooms will be darker! So. Much. Worry.

Now, after taking Kim’s course, I don’t worry about lighting at all. I just bring the light with me. And I’m not confined to one corner of a room where the the light is best. I can create the best light in any part of the house I want.

Kim takes you through many non-ideal lighting situations and shows you step by step how to create bright beautiful images. She is clear, concise, and so easy to understand. Lighting doesn’t have to be complicated. 

When I say Lighting for Lifestyle changed my life, it erased the pre-session jitters I had. Now I can walk into any home, with any lighting condition, and be confident that I will be able to provide my clients with bright, beautiful images they desire. 

I highly recommend this course! It will change the way you see the spaces you shoot in and how you shoot your subjects in such a positive way.


Katelyn Buchanan Photography says:

Learning flash from Kim is hands down the best thing I’ve done for my work this year. I decided to incorporate more film into my work this summer and quickly realized I’d only be able to consistently shoot film outdoors.

Alabama gets tons of bright sunny days, but so many of the homes I was shooting in were dark. I was hesitant to incorporate flash, based on my experience with it shooting digitally. Even after learning flash with Kim, I thought it might be too hard to replicate the “ideal” flash settings. Man, was I wrong – it’s so so so easy using Kim’s method. And honestly not only is the information she provided super helpful, but she is so available and so so encouraging.

Learning flash from Kim has TOTALLY changed the way I approach in-home sessions and I’m grateful to Kim for all her support!!

(-image taken with flash by Katelyn)

Image with flash by Katelyn Buchanan

This course is closed for enrollment.


Kristin Darling Photography:

"I applied the flash knowledge gained in this course to create these gorgeous bridal editorial shots on a super overcast and gloomy Illinois winter day. Thanks, Kim for creating this course!"

Nicole Conner Photography: 

"I love you!!! You were the first person to actually teach me flash in a way I understood! Film + Flash = Magic! Kim Hildebrand, you will forever be my hero!! Thank you for teaching me how to shoot indoors and make it epic!"

Wild Rosemary Photography:

"OMG! I got my scans back today from Indie. I can’t believe how amazing flash is. Your class changed my lifeeeee! I’m so glad I bought your class. I’ve been so scared of flash for some reason until your class! I took photos with and without flash and the flash photos were so amazing!"

Christine Leigh Photography:

"Guys! Adding off-camera flash to my home sessions is a total game-changer when you live in a state that has like an 8-month-long winter. If you are a photographer looking to learn flash you should definitely check out Kim Hildebrand’s Lighting for Lifestyle class!"

Jennifer Brotchie:

"I’ve been practicing at home with my kids.....and I get it. I totally get it....thanks Kim! I’ve always been afraid of film indoors....but have always wanted to make the switch. And now it’s time to ditch the digital, re-brand, re-market, re-build and I am all in with film, indoor, outdoor, in-studio, I’m down. I got this! Yay Kim and yay me!”

Tracie Brown:

"So thankful to have found your course before the in-home session I just did! It was so easy and I didn’t have to worry about rooms being too dark, even as a digital shooter. Can’t wait to share more!"

Courtney Malone (hybrid):

"First film scans using flash with film came in and I'm SO EXCITED!! So happy with how they turned out, even if they're just simple test shots over breakfast with my baby girl."


Still not sure? No problem!